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About Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence

Change can be difficult and painful. It takes work. Lasting change is not always a straight line; rather, a winding road with peaks and valleys to summit. Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence (WCCE) commitment to you is to walk side-by-side with you throughout your journey.

What makes WCCE stand out from other counselors and therapists? 

Your therapeutic experience with Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence is a journey of healing, connection, and—ultimately—peace. One of the most robust findings in all of psychology over the last 40 years is that no therapy style is more effective than any other style.  WCCE follows the data that says the difference in effectiveness comes down to the skill of the therapist deploying it based upon the individual needs of the client. WCCE therapists incorporate evidence based psychotherapy services, experiential methods and psychodrama techniques into our work with individuals (adults, children, adolescents and teens), couples and groups. This is done to help our clients get to the heart of the matter faster. 

It is important to us that you receive quality services for what you are spending your valuable time and resources on. Therefore, therapists at WCCE use evidence-based measuring tools to track your progress while in our care. This means that we use data to provide you with specialized therapy that is personalized just for you. This allows clients to make informed choices about whether they are benefiting from our services or not, as well as helps us adjust the care we provide to ensure you receive what you need. 

WCCE’s goal is to serve those who are suffering but are reluctant to seek help for fear of repercussions in their social or professional standing. Our therapists have experience working with a variety of populations including:

  • active duty military and veterans
  • adolescents and children
  • artists, musicians and other creatives
  • first responders
  • high-profile community members
  • professionals across all industries 
  • spiritual leaders

There is a better way to change and be who you are meant to be. Let WCCE be your guide. 

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