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  • "Excellent. Important. Actually relevant to ALL of us! Very good.

    Very interactive.

    This was the best class!

    Best session yet. Much needed information.

    Next time, please bring Kleenexes! My only wish is that this class was longer.

    More of RN Residency should be this useful!

    I was very engaged and this was a great class. Thank you! I feel like this class really helped and that I learned a lot.

    Thank you so much for your time and energy today. It was greatly appreciated.

    RN Residency Conflict Resolution Group Testimonial
  • "“I thought the group was helpful boosting confidence and self-esteem. I enjoyed how interactive the group was.”

    “After this group I felt more confident in my abilities to be an effective educator with the people I work with. I believe the group overall was very informational and therapeutic. Thank you again for being willing to do this group with all of us.”

    “Not only did it help me with new ideas, it helped me find my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more confident after partici"
    Healthcare professionals on a group session

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