Agusta Lind, LPC

Agusta Lind

License: 2019

Licensed Professional Counselor, Wyoming #1829


Grief/Trauma and End of Life Issues
Group work
Christian counseling 

The narratives we develop about our experience, through the choices we have made, and the way we think about them, impact our mental health. In order to understand self and re-imagine our story so that it leads to healing and well-being, all aspects of self must be involved: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Agusta has a strong background in education, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in education from the University of Wyoming and a Master’s of Education from Alaska Pacific University. Agusta realized her passion for education sprang from facilitating growth, transformation, and well- being in the students and families she worked with. Therefore, she changed the emphasis of her work to counseling, attaining a Masters in counseling from the University of Alaska. Agusta completed an internship at Alaska’s Maximum Security Correctional Center where she worked in the mental health unit and assisted with individual and group counseling. Agusta continues to work with populations that are incarcerated and those struggling to attain freedom from addiction. Agusta’s counseling interests include Christian counseling, grief/trauma, women’s issues, geriatrics, end of life/hospice care, chaplaincy, youth, and systemic change.

What I want you to know about therapy?
Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.

~ Aldous Huxley

Therapists are trafficking in human possibilities rather than settled certainties.
~ Jerome Bruner

As we become aware of ourselves as storytellers we realize we can use our stories to heal and make ourselves whole.
~ Susan Wittig Albert

The therapeutic relationship is key to clients’ personal growth. The client is the author of her/his story and as such has the capacity to choose the direction, goals, and outcome of therapy. The counselor is not a bystander in this journey; s/he enters into the therapeutic relationship as a partner, guide, mentor, and coach, fully sharing in the client’s experience.

I entered this field because I have deep and genuine compassion for my fellow man. This compassion compels me to want people to live as whole, healthy individuals. Each person I work with is a unique individual who has intrinsic, God given value, and is worthy of unconditional positive regard, regardless of her/his personal circumstances or struggles. As a counselor it is not my goal to solve clients’ problems, my goal is to facilitate the process of change so that clients’ can be the author of their own transformation.

When I’m not at WCCE
I am a commissioned minister through Volunteers of America, in this capacity I co-lead a faith based addiction recovery group and a Bible study group for an adult re-entry program. I am also a volunteer with hospice and am an abider. I read, read, read, read, walk/hike, spend time with my grandchildren and family, and continue to learn.

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