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  • Healing comes from the support of others
    Starting in December, Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence is holding a Grief and Loss Support Group for residents in Campbell County, Wyoming. Read more
  • A powerful way to achieve your goals: going dry
    Eliminating the use of alcohol and or other mind-altering substances for 30 days is the single, most powerful way to achieve your goals. Read more
  • I feel stuck …
    Mental stuckness occurs when we just cannot make progress, despite our perceived efforts. We aren’t necessarily unhappy, but yet we also lack life satisfaction. In other words: we know we want to go somewhere, but lack the ability to pivot to achieve that elusive “somewhere.” Read more
  • Pearl Jam: The Soundtrack of my Life
    It is not a secret among my friends and family how much of a fan I am of the rock band Pearl Jam. Their music and lyrics have been the soundtrack to some of the most sacred memories of my life. Read more
  • Why Is Change So Hard?
    How can something as small as an hour adjustment in time have such a powerful effect on my energy level, my motivation, my bedtime, and my life? Read more
  • Read reviews from healthcare professionals on a group session
    These are the comments from a group that Brian and Andi facilitated for healthcare professionals. The group was focused on group process skills, learning new skills for creativity when working with patients, and building self-esteem to conduct the groups themselves. Read more

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