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  • Play, It's not just for kids
    Not long ago, my colleagues and I participated in an impromptu air band session.  It was a moment of pure spontaneity with no purpose or objective.  It was impulsive, without Read more
  • True Confessions of A Food Addict
    Hiding butter pecan ice cream laced with ribbons of caramel behind the bag of frozen spinach in the freezer insured that I wouldn’t have to share and that those who cared to look would believe I didn’t snack on such unhealthy food. Frozen spinach wasn’t the only tactic I used to cover up my secret though. Read more
  • What is Couples Counseling?
    Sometimes the infamous day of love stirs up thoughts of unmet expectations, hurt feelings, longtime wounds, and a reminder that your relationship is struggling. If you can relate to the latter, couples counseling is a great place to start. Read more
  • A Story of Hope
    Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence chose “Restoring Hope” as the main ingredient in our services because HOPE forms the basis for healing. Read more