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  • True Confessions of A Food Addict
    Hiding butter pecan ice cream laced with ribbons of caramel behind the bag of frozen spinach in the freezer insured that I wouldn’t have to share and that those who cared to look would believe I didn’t snack on such unhealthy food. Frozen spinach wasn’t the only tactic I used to cover up my secret though. Read more
  • Man Overboard
    Suppose you are on a ship. The day is overcast with intermittent sunshine. The seas are choppy, however most travelers are able to navigate the deck without incident. One person stands a little too close to the edge and when a big swell hits the ship he falls over the side, plummeting into the ocean. Read more
  • A powerful way to achieve your goals: going dry
    Eliminating the use of alcohol and or other mind-altering substances for 30 days is the single, most powerful way to achieve your goals. Read more