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  • Three ways to support children, teens during COVID-19
    Coronavirus has undeniably and drastically shifted norms in our society and despite your personal thoughts toward COVID-19, this shift has created a mental and emotional upheaval for all of us including our children. This kind of shift is hard to fully grasp and often leaves children and teens with feelings of anxiousness and hopelessness. If this is the case with your child or teen, here are three ways to support them during this continued time of uncertainty. Read more
  • I feel stuck …
    Mental stuckness occurs when we just cannot make progress, despite our perceived efforts. We aren’t necessarily unhappy, but yet we also lack life satisfaction. In other words: we know we want to go somewhere, but lack the ability to pivot to achieve that elusive “somewhere.” Read more
  • Why Is Change So Hard?
    How can something as small as an hour adjustment in time have such a powerful effect on my energy level, my motivation, my bedtime, and my life? Read more