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Man Overboard

Man Overboard

Suppose you are on a ship. The day is overcast with intermittent sunshine. The seas are choppy, however most travelers are able to navigate the deck without incident. One person stands a little too close to the edge and when a big swell hits the ship he falls over the side, plummeting into the ocean.

Your fellow passengers join you at the deck’s rail to look at the man who is clearly drowning. Someone suggests to the drowning man, “You should learn how to swim.” Another person says, “Look at that man in the water, what a mess he’s gotten himself into.” The drowning man manages to break the surface and inhales a huge breath, to which one of the onlookers remarks, “He’ll just go back under again.” Another person tells the man that if he does manage to get back on the ship he should have weights put on him to make him less buoyant so he will learn his lesson and stop falling off of the ship.

None of the comments help the man. He flails, rises, and goes back under the water. It looks as if all is lost until suddenly, a life preserver flies through the air and lands with a splash next to the man. He grabs it and clings to it. As shocking and ridiculous as the scenario described may seem to you, there are many people who hold these same attitudes towards those who struggle with addiction.

The good news is WCCE’s mission is not to judge, scold, shame, blame, or hinder clients. We exist to throw out lifelines to those who are hurting, struggling, and drowning in the deep waters of addiction and despair. When requested, WCCE’s therapist invite faith into the therapy room. Faith and hope are lifelines for those who are drowning.

Restoring hope to individuals, couples, and families is the main mission of WCCE. It is with awe and deep thankfulness that those who wish to embrace it witness the lifesaving power of faith and hope. Call to book an appointment today at (307)257-2610. 

 *This blog first appeared in Volunteers of America, Northern Rockies, March 2020 newsletter.