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A Story of Hope

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be a witness to Hope in Action.

I went to a Christmas party at the home of two friends who survived the Route 91 shooting massacre in 2017. What they endured, witnessed, and survived that night was unimaginable to anyone outside of a war zone. These two friends have, understandably, struggled to make sense of what happened and return to “normal life.” It has been a long road for them and will continue to be.

But here’s where the beauty comes in: In the aftermath of the shooting and despite their own personal struggles, they have made it their mission in life to help others – not just in the Route 91 group – but also to other survivors of other mass shootings. This couple has led fundraisers and efforts to recognize the first responders in Las Vegas. They host parties and events at their home, on their own dime, for friends and strangers. They connect others who may be struggling with life circumstances with helpful resources. All while raising teenagers and working full time jobs.

To witness the joy, hear the laughter, and feel the HOPE RESTORED from them and their guests inside their home is difficult to put into words. Little did they know, the opportunity to be there, among that group, restored hope in me.

To me, Restoring Hope means that there is a way through struggle. Restoring Hope means that despite deep pain, suffering, and difficult life circumstances, there are opportunities for growth and change. Restoring Hope means you deserve to be heard, understood, and respected. Restoring Hope means that we value you. Restoring Hope means you matter.

Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence chose “Restoring Hope” as the main ingredient in our services because HOPE forms the basis for healing. 

At WCCE, we honor that sense of hope by providing services grounded in evidence and delivered with compassion, empathy, and understanding. WCCE does not prescribe to the notion that people in counseling or therapy need to be “fixed”, but rather that they need to be understood and walked with side-by-side through struggle.

From the first moment WCCE connects with a client, whether it is over the phone, via an internet message, or in person, our goal is to start the process of “restoring hope” by the way we welcome you to our practice.

During the holiday season and beyond, please remember that despite what you may be struggling with or questioning: You Matter and that Hope Can Be Restored.

Brian Edwards, LMFT, CATC, is the founder of the Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence in Gillette, Wyoming. Brian specializes in trauma, group counseling, marriage and family therapy and substance abuse and addiction therapy.