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Project Fortitude

As a community, we know the impact suicide has on every individual. Due to this, suicide prevention efforts in Gillette, Campbell County and throughout Wyoming are at maximum effort.

Campbell County School District (CCSD) is not excluded from these efforts as they work tirelessly in providing care and support to their students. CCSD has sponsored a peer-based suicide prevention group called The Hope Squad within the high schools and these students rally to spread the message of hope and encouragement.

In an effort to stand against suicide and support those who wrestle with the thought of giving up, The Hope Squad spreads the message of fortitude: courage in pain or adversity. The message is simple and powerful and is meant to help youth recognize the need for strength and courage when going through painful or hard situations. They believe that: 

"With fortitude one can endure so much more than they ever thought possible. With fortitude, one can break down walls and move mountains." 

Follow the national movement at www.facebook.com/hopesquads.

Andi and Brian sporting their Project Fortitude T-shirts every Friday at Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence in Gillette.Andi and Brian sporting their Project Fortitude T-shirts every Friday at Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence in Gillette. 

Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence wants to support and spread this message as well. We have purchased T-shirts and have adopted “Fortitude Friday” at our office. We love this movement and encourage others to spread the message of hope! T-shirts and stickers (for drink bottles or cell phone cases) can be purchased from Thunder Basin High School Guidance Counselor Amy Himes. T-shirts are $10 and stickers are $1. Contact her at [email protected], or visit TBHS to purchase anytime.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger because of thoughts of suicide, call 911 now. If you need someone to talk with about your suicidal feelings, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Contact Brian or Andi to start your journey of hope today.

Andrea Robertson, MSW, PLCSW, has a background understanding the complex needs of veterans and their families, and sub-specialized in military social work. Andrea is well trained in group psychotherapy and has a passion for facilitating connections among people to achieve a greater sense of self, and a greater sense of belonging.