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RN Residency Conflict Resolution Group Testimonial

These are the comments from a group that Brian facilitated for nurses participating in a RN Residency program. This group tackled negative messages that we tell ourselves and how to "change the tape"; how those processes impact our work with patients; and resolving some of those messages. They learned to be more present on the job, which can reduce conflicts between team members and patients, etc.  

  • Excellent. Important. Actually relevant to ALL of us! Very good.
  • Very interactive.
  • This was the best class!
  • Best session yet. Much needed information.
  • Next time, please bring Kleenexes! My only wish is that this class was longer.
  • More of RN Residency should be this useful!
  • I was very engaged and this was a great class. Thank you! I feel like this class really helped and that I learned a lot.
  • Thank you so much for your time and energy today. It was greatly appreciated.
  • Enlightening!