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Healing comes from the support of others

Starting in December, Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence is holding a Grief and Loss Support Group for residents in Campbell County, Wyoming. 

A grief and loss support group is a sacred space and time for those who have lost loved ones. WCCE’s group is for adults who are struggling with the loss of a child, spouse, parent, and more. 

WCCE wants participants in this group to come together and find support for one another. The goal of the group is not to “get over” or “move past” a loss; it is to learn to reconnect to ourselves in a way that is meaningful and healthy as we carry the loss with us. The entire experience is facilitated by a trained therapist.

“Any struggle we experience, and the process of experiencing healing--especially loss/grief--cannot be done alone,” says WCCE Therapist Brian Edwards, LMFT, CATC. “Healing comes from the support of others. Most of the time, watching or supporting others is the most impactful way that our own healing takes place.”


It is common for people struggling with grief and loss to come into the group with an identified loss, but then start to connect to other types of losses in our life, such as marriages, careers, and relationships, among others. WCCE therapists will explore our patterns of handling loss in these other areas as they come up during group process.

The Grief and Loss Support Group will be held for four Thursdays—December 12, 19 and 26, 2019, and January 2, 2020. The group will meet from 6-8 pm at the WCCE Office, 2001 W. Lakeway, Suite D, in Gillette, Wyoming. The group will be available for 10 participants and is free of charge. WCCE expects the highest levels of confidentiality between group members to ensure maximum benefit of services.

Those interested in the Grief and Loss Support Group are asked to participate in a short interview to make sure that the group fits what you are looking for, and what you want to get out of it. Please contact Brian at [email protected] or Andi at [email protected] to schedule your interview before Friday, December 6.

Should anyone wish for more individualized therapy or counseling, Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence offers a variety of services. Learn more here >>>

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