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I feel stuck …

Stuckness is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in all of human experience.

Maybe because being stuck makes us feel out of control and out of reach from our goals.

Or maybe because in the depth of the mental sludge of stuckness there is no relief, no energy, and no motivation.

Whether you’re stuck in a relationship, stuck at a job you hate, stuck in life, or just stuck in traffic, the discomfort that being stuck generates is overwhelming, and crippling all at the same time.

Mental stuckness occurs when we just cannot make progress, despite our perceived efforts. We aren’t necessarily unhappy, but yet we also lack life satisfaction. In other words: we know we want to go somewhere, but lack the ability to pivot to achieve that elusive “somewhere.”

So what stops us from achieving freedom from stuckness? In short: FEAR

Fear can impact our thoughts, our motivation, and our overall ability to change.

Because remember, change is hard!

Fear throws mental messages like a bad meme on repeat. You know these messages, they are the ones that represent our worst self:

  • “I’m not good enough!”
  • “I can’t do anything right!”
  • “I’m a bad (insert any noun here)!”

These messages are the ultimate mental sink hole to achieving our goals and enjoying our journey.

So how do we break free from mental stuckness? We flip the script. We work at filling our minds with positive messages, we visualize the success we desire, we map out baby steps to reach the desired outcome, and lastly we submerge ourselves with grace and self-compassion.

Getting unstuck can be a difficult task to go at alone, which is where Wyoming Center for Clinical Excellence comes in. We desire to help you achieve mental freedom and intend to bring all the chains, tow straps, and equipment to get rid of the sludge that is keeping you stuck.

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Andrea Robertson, MSW, PLCSW, has a background understanding the complex needs of veterans and their families, and sub-specialized in military social work. Andrea is well trained in group psychotherapy and has a passion for facilitating connections among people to achieve a greater sense of self, and a greater sense of belonging.