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Read reviews from healthcare professionals on a group session

These are the comments from a group that Brian and Andi facilitated for healthcare professionals. The group was focused on group process skills, learning new skills for creativity when working with patients, and building self-esteem to conduct the groups themselves.

“I thought the group was helpful boosting confidence and self-esteem. I enjoyed how interactive the group was.”

“After this group I felt more confident in my abilities to be an effective educator with the people I work with. I believe the group overall was very informational and therapeutic. Thank you again for being willing to do this group with all of us.”

“Not only did it help me with new ideas, it helped me find my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more confident after participating in this group.”

“I attended a group Brian and Andi conducted and I know for sure that what we were shown, I never would have thought about doing, so I am glad that they were willing to provide that information. I hope to participate in more of their groups in the future that are like this one was so that I can continue to gain confidence in what I do.”